Reporter-tagged full length genes, FAP-tag®, FAP-tagged GPCRs.

 Exchanged Fluorogen Activating Protein Technology 

Fluorogen activating protein – FAP-tags® are a new class of small genetically encoded reporters that exhibit fluorescence only in the presence of micromolar concentrations of particular nontoxic soluble fluorogens. 

FAP-tags® allow the user to turn the fluorescent signal on and off by adding or removing fluorogen, or to change the signal wavelength by substituting one fluorogen for another.

GPCR Fluorogen Exchange Assays

GPCRs are an important class of proteins for therapeutic development.  Spectra has a full line of tagged GPCRs and validated cell lines for GPCR Internalization, trafficking and screening.

GFP-tagged Mouse ES Cell Lines

These embryonic stem cell lines each harbor a single tagged gene that expresses a fluorescent fusion protein that is controlled by the native regulation of the cell.  The tag is placed using a novel system known as CD-tagging.  This system places the DNA carrying the tag into an intron of a gene creating a new exon in the process.  This exon then incorporates the tag into transcripts and ultimately into proteins.

SR069F2 Custom Gene Tagging and Generation of Stable Cell lines

Our skilled molecular biologists provide expertise and innovation in designing and constructing new FAP-tagged GPCRs and creating and validating stable cell lines expressing these tagged GPCRs. 

Spectra can also screen compounds on our validated GPCR expressing cell lines.  Contact us to discuss.