2 Color ADORA2A Internalization and Trafficking Assay

The adenosine A2A receptor, also known as ADORA2A, is an adensonie receptor, but also denotes the human gene encoding it.

Fluorogen Activating Peptide (FAP) technology combines a genetic tag (to tag the target GPCR), and a fluorogenic dye that only gives signal when bound to the tag.

Using the FAP and cell-impermeant dyes you can selectively label cell-surface and endocytosed protein pools in the following wash-free protocol.


While the confocal images above confirm that the localization of the Green and Red signal to surface and endocytic pools respectively, the signal produced in the assay is homogeneous, so imaging is not required.  .

 The same assay can be used to measure antagonist response or to see internalized receptor return to the surface (re-sensitization).

 The following products were used to obtain the data in this report:

Product Name Catalog Amount # Wells Price
βGREEN fluorogen βGREEN-np-010 20 nmol 1,000 $999
βRED fluorogen βRED-np-010 20 nmol 1,000 $1,499
ADORA2A-FAPβ1- CHOK1 Cell Line OPRM1-FAPβ1-CL1 2 vials n/a $7,450

SpectraGenetics has tagged more than 150 GPCRs and has validated more than 30 GPCR cell lines.

We also offer this assay as a service through our partner Sharp Edge Labs (www.sharpedgelabs.com).

a pdf version is also available.