Validated Cell Lines for GPCR Internalization

SpectraGenetics has validated more than 30 cell lines expressing FAP-tagged GPCRs accross 3 assay formats; 1-color internalization, 2-color internalization and 2-color/2 target Multi-plex. 

2-Color Pulse/Chase Internalization and Trafficking (Original Publication):

ADRB2                ADRA1D         ADORA2A
CXCR4                ADRA2A         DRD2
SSTR2                 ADRA2B         GPR120
OPRM1               ADRA2C         GCGR
ADRA1A             ADRB1            GIPR
ADRA1B             CCR5

1-Color Internalization (Original Publication):

ADRA1A              ADRB1              CX3CR1              PSGR
ADRA1B              ADRB2             CXCR1
ADRA1D              ADRB3              CXCR4
ADRA2A             BDKRB1             FPR2
ADRA2B             BDKRB2             HTR2A
ADRA2C             CCR5                  OPRM1

2-Target Multi-Plex (Original Publication):


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