Fluorogen Activating Peptide (FAP) Technology

Fluorogen activating peptide – FAP-tags® are a new class of small genetically encoded reporters that exhibit fluorescence only in the presence of micromolar concentrations of particular nontoxic soluble fluorogens. 

GPCR Internalization and Trafficking Assays

GPCRs are an important class of proteins for therapeutic development.  Spectra has a full line of tagged GPCRs and validated cell lines for GPCR Internalization, trafficking and screening.

News and Product Launches

March 20, 2014 – SpectraGenetics launches new 2-Color GPCR Internalization and Trafficking Assay for ADRB2, CXCR4, OPRM1, ADORA2A and SSTR2! These assays provide direct measurement of desensitization (internalization) and resensitization (return to surface).